Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Sunday, 28 April 2013


I had my medical for my swims this week. The urine sample proved to be a big problem!

As I am advancing in years I tend to forget things and on Tuesday my sample was due at the medical centre.
Well dear reader, I got up and did what a man needs to do. It was only after I had finished that I remembered that I had to fill the little bottle. Do you think I could. I was dry as a urinal in a convent.
8 litres of water later I managed to produce a pathetic dribble. Fortunately this was enough to be tested. Needless to say that I couldn't stop for the rest of the day.

Interestingly (well to me anyway) I had a medical on exactly the same day last year and I am 4 kgs lighter this year. All my vitals were also much better. If I get any fitter I will have to inform the authorities.

Another good week on the training front. I have done 417,000 metres already this year, all at a much faster pace than last year's swims.

One week to go before the BEACH BBQ. This will be a great event. Get your tickets from the HARE at LODDINGTON or contact me.

There is a great rock song. Cold as Ice. This describes the water at the moment. Brings tears to your eyes.

Keep the faith.

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